Nathan Adloff on “Nate & Margaret”

Welcome to the first official blog entry on Indie Outlook, a site dedicated to compiling engaging conversations with some of the finest faces in modern independent cinema. My first guest on the Indie Outlook podcast was filmmaker Nathan Adloff,  who recently completed his feature directorial debut, “Nate & Margaret.” The film stars Natalie West (“Roseanne”) as a 52-year-old aspiring stand-up comic whose cynical views on relationships have been spawned by a lifetime of heartbreak. Her best (and only) friend is a 19-year-old gay film student, played by Tyler Ross (“The Wise Kids”), who is on the brink of exploring his sexuality with his first boyfriend  (played by newcomer Conor McCahill). The film also has a juicy supporting role for the wonderful New York actress, Gaby Hoffmann (“Now and Then”), who was recently featured on the hit sitcom, “Louie.” “Nate & Margaret” won me over with its endearing and honest portrait of two misfits whose friendship both enhances and hinders their growth as individuals. It’s a real gem of a film that deserves to be sought out. Take a listen to my discussion with Adloff below…

The program was produced at Columbia College Chicago. Technical producers were Colin Lazorka and Rebecca Nystedt. An Indie Outlook Production.

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