Matt Sheehan on June Movies

Greta Gerwig and Adam Brody star in Whit Stillman’s “Damsels in Distress.” Credit: Sabrina Lantos, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics.

From caped superheroes to male strippers, June 2012 offered a great deal of thrills for audiences at the multiplex. My friend and colleague, Matt Sheehan of, visited my Indie Outlook podcast to take a look at the most promising titles–both big and small–of the summer movie season. Though this program primarily focuses on June releases, we can’t help but take a glance at Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises,” the third and final installment of his enormously successful “Batman” franchise, which is set to give “The Avengers” a literal run for its money. We also highlight some indie stars acquiring quite a bit of screen time this season, namely Mark Duplass and Greta Gerwig (pictured above in April’s “Damsels in Distress,” she was also featured in the June releases, “Lola Versus” and “To Rome With Love”). Some of these titles are likely available at the theaters across the country. Others are worth searching for.

The program was produced at Columbia College Chicago. Technical producers were David Pierczynski and Rebecca Nystedt. An Indie Outlook Production.

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