Frank V. Ross on “Tiger Tail in Blue”

Rebecca Spence and Frank V. Ross star in Ross’s “Tiger Tail in Blue.” Courtesy of Zero Trans Fat Productions.

I’ll always cherish Joe Swanberg’s web series “Young American Bodies” for introducing me to some of independent cinema’s most fascinating figures: Greta Gerwig, Lynn Shelton, Nathan Adloff, to name a few… Yet one particular member of the ensemble has yet to garner the recognition that he deserves. His name is Frank V. Ross, known on “YAB” as Kelly, the boyfriend-turned-husband of Dia (Kris Swanberg). Ross later reprised the role in Swanberg and Adam Wingard’s disarmingly funny film, “Autoerotic.”

Yet Ross also has several superb directorial credits to his name, and I was elated to have him on my podcast to discuss them. From Wednesday, July 11th to Friday, July 13th, the site NoBudge Films will host “Frank Ross Week,” an event that includes the online premieres of two excellent Ross pictures, “Present Company” (2008) and “Audrey the Trainwreck” (2010), as well as a sneak preview of his latest (and, in my opinion, most fascinating) film, “Tiger Tail in Blue.”

The program was produced at Columbia College Chicago. Technical producer was Rebecca Nystedt. An Indie Outlook Production.

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