Pat McDonald on Microbudget Tips

David Call as Keith and Lena Dunham as Aura in TINY FURNITURE directed by Lena Dunham. Photo Credit: Joe Anderson. An IFC Films Release.

I’ve always looked to Pat McDonald not only as a friend and fellow critic for, but also as somewhat of a father figure. When we rehearsed our presentation at the CFCA awards night, I likened Pat and myself to Hagrid and Harry Potter. After doing a number of “Pat & Matt Film Chat” podcasts, I think we seriously could take our show on the road. We represent two entirely different generations of filmgoers, and I think that brings something extra special to our banter. When Pat kids me in this podcast about my glaringly obvious crush on Lena Dunham, the brilliant creator of “Tiny Furniture” and HBO’s “Girls,” I think you can actually hear me blush on air.

Anyway, in this episode, Pat and I share our tips for microbudget filmmakers. We had fun, and I’m sure you will too. Plus, Pat gives a shout-out to a truly quirky documentary, Chris Sader’s “Sadermania.” Check it out…

The program was produced at Columbia College Chicago. Technical producer was Rebecca Nystedt. An Indie Outlook Production.

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